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Return To Work Conference (RTW) 2014

Held only every two years, the SOCSO RTW Conference is a platform in addressing issues of disability, return to work and societal integration in Malaysia. It is a platform for dedicated to in-depth discussion of problems, trends and best practices in disability management. Expecting this year participation from both international and local participants, SOCSO RTW Conference has reached a  certain maturity and the conference today is an appropriate avenue to discuss in greater detail the economic and aspects of disability management by focusing not only return to employment but also societal reintegration as a whole. The theme of this conference … Continued

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Return To Work

Don’t just wait for Compensation Eileen See spoke to Dr. Mohammed Azman bin Aziz Mohammed, Senior General Manager of Operations of Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) on his organisation’s latest programme for members – the Return To Work (RTW) programme. A medical doctor by profession with nine years of experience in SOCSO, Dr Azman said said the main function of this programme is disability management through promotion and intervention to prevent  accident or disease. “We provide rehabilitation to help injured workers go back to work. Basically, we are talking about prevention before rehabilitation and rehabilitation before compensation. Compensation can only give … Continued

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Bernama Radio 24

Sheikh Raffie Abd Rahman walking towards  success, his way. Sheikh Raffie talks to CHALLENGES about parking and his insanely quick climb up the corporate ladder. “My biggest grouse is disabled parking,” growled Sheikh Raffie Abdul Rahman, CEO of Bernama Radio 24. He once had to argue for disabled parking in JPM, even though his car had a disabled sticker. He feels that it is due to a lack of awareness. “Though it’s less now, but most able bodied people think the disabled don’t exist. Look at Tesco – the disabled parking is full of bikes. Where are their brains?” he … Continued

Film Production Workshop for Deaf community

Ready.  Lights! Camera! A new social enterprise, SilentSHOUT, organised a film-making workshop for the deaf community recently. The two-day workshop was held in Brickfields and enabled persons who are deaf or hard of hearing to gain knowledge in the field of film-making. Participants were taught on production, scriptwriting, directing, camera, lighting  design and editing under the guidance of workshop facilitator Kareem Koh. Organiser Nurul Oyun said, “We believe in hands-on projects, as the process provide the opportunity for learners to learn new skills and encourage proactive participation. She added that the workshop is to enable persons who are deaf or … Continued

JOB COACH: The JICA-DSW Collaboration for Persons with Disabilities

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Department or Social Welfare (DSW) collaboration started in 2005, when they worked jointly on a project to develop and improve social welfare services for persons with disabilities (PWDs). The two parties also signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation to implement this CAPACITY BUILDING PROJECT for Social Welfare Services for the disabled on July 20, 2005. The purpose of this project was to develop a variety of services to support full and effective participation of disabled Malaysians in society. This project lasted for four years from 2005-2008. The programmes implemented in this project … Continued

Employment Support for Fandi

The Experience  of a Job Coach in supporting a CBR trainee to work in Open Employment By Kana Urai During a CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation Centre) committee meeting, a committee member who owns a restaurant informed the committee there is a job vacancy in his restaurant. A JOCV (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer) raised the necessity of Job Coach support if a CBR trainee is offered the job at this restaurant. The restaurant owner agreed. Fandi was selected for this vacancy because his motivation to work is high and his family is also very supportive. Fandi has learning disability and speech … Continued

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Return to Work National Conference 2011

By Helen Lam The two days Return To Work National Conference held on July 4 to 5, 2011 at the Putra World Trade Centre, was to support and assist employers in managing their disabled workers so that the employees continue to be productive. One thousand participants, including employees, employers, rehabilitation service suppliers and hospitals nationwide, attended this conference organised by Social Security Organisation (SOCSO). SOCSO’s Return to Work Programme, launched in 2007, is a comprehensive bio-psycho-social disability management programme, that was established with the objective of assisting SOCSO’s Insured Persons with employment injury and diseases, as well as those claiming … Continued

A word guide for job seekers with autism


By Zainal Alhakab Seman Issues and debates surrounding disability or people with disabilities (PWDs) in Malaysia include accessibility of facilities, social and political right, employment opportunities and social inclusion. However, in most developed countries, the debate has moved beyond a concern about the perceived cost of maintaining dependent PWDs to an effort of finding ways to ensure they get  involved in and contribute to society and nation in all spheres of life. Based on current situations and issues pertaining to PWDs in Malaysia, a great deal of work is required in order to address concerns ranging from accessibility of facilities, … Continued

Picture of deaf student Mohd Afifi Ishak

Deaf student with a goal

By Mohd Hafiz Abd Rahman   Where there is a will there is a way and this is what deaf student Mohd Afifi Ishak has set out to do. A student of Diploma in Graphic Design majoring in Multimedia at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT) in Cyberjaya, he has decided to work hard and carve a future for himself. Currently in his final semester, Mohd Afifi, 23 and the fourth of eight siblings, completed his eight-week internship at Essential Associates Sdn Bhd, publisher of the magazine Challenges which focuses on disability issues. He returned to LUCT in February and … Continued

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DR SHAWN JENNINGS, President of the Canadian Association of Physicians with Disabilities (CAPD) shared his story here. I was a family doctor for 20 years. On May 13, 1999, I suffered a stroke. I was 45 years of age and in good health prior to my stroke. It was a result of a tear to my left vertebral artery from a minor whiplash injury that happened two weeks ago. Two weeks before May 13, I was driving between hospitals when a truck suddenly pulled out in front of me. I slammed on my brakes just in time .I felt no … Continued

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