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With several successful years of hosting the Indian Wedding Expo to its credit, D’Organizer (M) Sdn Bhd launched  its  inaugural Malay Wedding Expo in April.  Also held was  the company’s corporate social responsibility project  “Our Special Ones” which kicked off together with the Indian Wedding Expo,.


The four- day event started on April 22  at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre in  Kuala Lumpur.



Picture of Mathyvanan, managing director of D'Organiser (M) Sdn Bhd
Mathyvanan, managing director of D’Organiser (M) Sdn Bhd

At the pre- launch event recently ,Mathyvanan,  managing director of D’Organiser (M) Sdn Bhdsaid:


“The most memorable day in one’s life deserves the most planning! Whether the dream for the big day is grandiose or quaint, it is a life changing moment and no matter the ethnic origins, age or social standing, every engaged couple wants it to be the best moments in their lives.”


A Wedding Expo is the perfect place for engaged couples, friends and family to congregate under one roof and source for the ultimate wedding package.


Mathyvanan said this inaugural event, a combination  of Malay Wedding Expo and the Indian Wedding Expo attracted several creative craftsmen and leading edged players from both sides of the cultural borders, Malay and Indian.


The expo offered a platform for the bridal experts to display ‘all things bridal’ – the latest designs, most competitive pricing, their skills and talents for the benefit of the bridal couples-to-be.


A visit to the Malay Wedding Expo and Indian Wedding Expo provided a one- stop destination with endless choices. With close to 100 exhibitors, running the gamut from wedding planners to bridal decorators, food caterers to culinary confectioners, wedding cards and  gifts vendors bridal makeup, bridal boutiques and video cum studio photographers as well as honeymoon hoteliers, this one-stop bridal expo was  a truly enriching and enlightening experience for bridal couples of all races.


Victoria Sivatian,  director of D’Organiser (M) Sdn Bhd added:


“The variety of ideas, creative skills and innovative designs that reflect the global, changing trends while still factoring in local considerations is what made  D’Organiser’s Malay and Indian Wedding Expo an irresistible attraction for those wishing to tie the knot or those keen to just check out the competition.


“This will be a major showcase of raw, unbridled, sheer bridal creativity and inventiveness as professional maestros vie with talented newcomers for the attention of brides, grooms and their entourage. This cross cultural combination and collaboration marks a vibrant shift in how wedding expos will be featured in years to come.


“Be it traditional or contemporary, the variety of ideas, skills and innovations from experts in their respective fields will be at your service. Resort owners, promoting fabulous honeymoon destinations or couples can organise wedding receptions all the way in the glorious island of Bali, Indonesia.


D’Organiser (M) Sdn Bhd  again got together some of the best players in the bridal scene to offer an unparalleled information rich experience for those planning to marry in the coming months.


Said Victoria: “Economic recession notwithstanding, many soon-to-be bridal couples are savvy enough to realise that with the Malay Wedding Expo and Indian  Wedding Expo they can pre-book their various made-to-order wedding accompaniments in advance thanks to the competitive pricing currently prevalent within the bridal preparation environment.


“In addition to these expos being the ‘place to be’ for engaged couples, it is a great platform for anyone interested in the booming wedding industry to network, exchange knowledge and build their businesses.”


In appreciation of the success of the Malay Wedding Expo and Indian Wedding Expo, D’Organiser Sdn Bhd organised an event called “Our Special Ones” from April 23-25 to raise awareness and understanding of the numerous issues and difficulties endured by the disabled people.


D’Organiser (M) Sdn Bhd  business development manager, Syed Mohd Rizal Dato Syed Abdul Aziz said:


“We believe the bridal couples and their entourage or the walk-in visitors will also consider their social responsibility towards meeting the needs of the marginalised groups who are being featured in ‘Our Special Ones’. We drew support from local and global exhibitors who brought in the latest technology, products and services to help improve the quality of life for people with disabilities here in our country.”



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