OCBC Bank provides tandem bicycles for the disabled community at KL Car Free Morning

Since availing 100 bicycles for cycling enthusiasts to use at the monthly KL Car Free Morning two months ago, OCBC Bank Malaysia has upped the ante by providing 10 tandem bicycles so the disabled community can participate as well.

The bicycles were presented today to Challenges Media, an organization dedicated to promoting disability advocacy and inclusive community development, by OCBC Bank’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ong Eng Bin. The event was witnessed by Kuala Lumpur Mayor Datuk Seri Haji Ahmad Phesal Bin Haji Talib and KL Car Free Morning Implementation Committee Chairman Datuk Naim Mohamad.

In addition to the monthly KL Car Free Morning events, Challenges Media will also use the tandem bicycles for other programmes that enable children and youth with disabilities to take part and enjoy cycling.

Mary Chen, director of Challenges Media, cycling is gaining popularity among the disabled and the contribution of the tandem bicycle is timely.

“Amongst the disabled community, tandem bicycle are currently used mainly by the blind. Challenges Tandem Cycle 4 Change project will expand the cycling experience to other disability groups to enable children with learning disabilities to learn to cycle. This will enhance the joy of cycling with their peers, teachers and family members and not just among themselves. This a great way to inculcate social inclusion” said Mary Chen.


Mayor Datuk Seri Haji Ahmad Phesal‘s speech;  “If OCBC is eager to help people with disabilities, I also want to participate stating that today I will launch a program “Recycle a Bicycle Campaign” under the auspices of City Hall to be used as a tandem bicycle. We will prepare 11 different zones throughout the City of Kuala Lumpur, especially in sports complexes for the purpose of collecting the used bicycles. So donors may bring their bicycles to the collection points.”

“OCBC is looking to further entrench itself in the cycling community and having these tandem bicycles at KL Car Free Morning is just one more step toward making cycling even more accessible to everyone including the disabled” said Ong Eng Bin, CEO OCBC Bank Malaysia Berhad.

Challenges would like to thank OCBC Bank for this fine effort, for making the tandem bicycle available for the disability community and to Kuala Lumpur Mayor Datuk Seri Haji Ahmad Phesal Bin Haji Talib for launching “Recycle A Bicycle Campaign” at 11 different zones throughout the City of Kuala Lumpur.