KUALA LUMPUR: The Association for the International Exchange of Students in Economics and Commerce (AIESEC) of University of Malaya organised SDGs fair in conjunction with the Winter National Conference last month. It was held at the faculty of law of University of Malaya.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a set of seventeen goals that was internationally agreed by more than 150 world leaders. It is part of the development goals by the United Nations that is set to be achieved by the year 2030. The seventeen SDGs are as below:

Delegates of the Winter National Conference were from 14 different universities in Malaysia namely UM, UKM, Taylors University, Sunway University, Nottingham University Malaysia, Curtin University, Kedah-Perlis, JB, Kuching, UPM, UMP, UTP and Utar (Kampar), Penang. There were few fellow non-profit organizations that had set up booths to promote their cause and to create awareness among students. The organizations present had goals similar to the SDGs.

The organizations present were MysaveFood, GrubCycle, MareCet, Dialogue in the Dark, My Mobile University and us, Challenges Foundation.

“We were there to create awareness among students on our advocacy of disability and the issues surrounding it.”


The students were very interactive and had a lot of constructive ideas to share. It was a great experience to share the goals of Challenges Foundation and as well as to learn about other organizations that were present there.