Qistina Low is the youngest daughter of the late Sandra Tan Saw Kim. She shares her thoughts this Mother’s Day with Challenges readers.

What is my Mother to me

I am not expert in English writing. This is a short story for Happy Mother’s Day
My mother told me that “Loving & Caring” is important to me. When I was born  a premature baby and I was staying in hospital, my mother  went to hospital to visit me everyday by bus from her home until I discharged from hospital. She often worried about me, because  I was a small baby until I grew up. She cares for me with her full of loving.

My mother always bought books for me to read. She told me that I must improve my good writing to communicate with other people for working in the future. Until I was successful and  graduate with a diploma at university and get a good job. When I went to work and go back home so late, she always wait for me. She sometimes open the door outside and see to make sure I am already back home safely. She seems still worried about me when I was married already.

I am very thankful to my late mother. She always understand me well to give permission to me to study to university and paid my school fees. And I  convert, become Muslim and marry a Malay guy. She hopes my husband cares for me and have a happy life. In other hand, she also give  advice to me. Become a wife is not as easy as I think but I must learn and be patient a lot to be a good wife as her.

I was caring for her since she got a stroke and diabetes since I was young and still studying in school. A month, I was absent from school because I look after my mother at hospital when she was in ward. I had been caring for her for 18 years. I often accompany  her to hospital to check up with doctor. Therefore, she is gone, she told me that she loves me so much and holding my hands closely and she want to “sleep” because she was really very very tired. I was one of the last to talk her before she was gone. Her message is very special for me and I will never forget it. This looks like she “korban diri” because she does not want to trouble me anymore and want me to live with happiness

Sajak Terakhir Khas Ibuku

Ibuku, mama…
Engkaulah ratuku,
Engkaulah pelitaku,
Engkaulah pedomanku.

Terima kasih mama…
Besarkanku dgn penuh kasih sayang,
This is for my mom

Terima kasih mama…
Pahami hatiku & kemahuanku,
Terima kasih mama…
Bagiku memeluk agama Islam,
Terima kasih mama…
Serahkanku berkahwin putera,
Terima kasih mama…
Ajarku erti seorang isteri,
Terima kasih mama…
Didikku belajar bersabar banyak.

Engkau tidak mengadu satu pun,
Engkau sentiasa berdiri di pintu,
Menanti saat kepulanganku,
Aku menyayangi mama…

Aku pohon maaf-maaf,
Betapanya berat hatiku,
Melepaskan dikau pergi,
Aku tunduk takdir Tuhan.

Qistina Low is the youngest among three deaf daughters of the late Mdm Sandra Tan Saw Kim as featured in our previous column entitled “REMEMBERING SANDRA”.
Qistina is a graduate with a diploma in Interactive Multimedia Design from Lim Kok Wing University of Creative and  Technology and currently works as a Multimedia Designer at Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia Putrajaya.