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Rajvin Kaur Randhawa – living with cerebral palsy.

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Rajvin Kaur was born premature on 24th June, 1985. As such , her lungs were under-developed and she had to be placed in an incubator with oxygen. Soon after birth she developed jaundice. The lack of oxygen to her brain caused cerebral palsy; luckily only the motor centre of the brain was affected while the rest of the brain functioned normally.

Rajvin Kaur, a “Miracle Child”.


Rajvin attributed her survival to her parents. Her father, Dr. Pall Singh, was a doctor and as such understood her condition and made every effort to help his physically challenged daughter to pull through; then there was the loving and tender care provided by her mother Sawan Kaur.

It was hard to find a kindergarten that would accept her with her special needs. When one was found, her mother had to accompany her and stay there the whole day. Upon leaving kindergarten she was put in a primary school; while the school authorities wanted to push her to the class for children with special needs, her parent insisted that she be placed in a mainstream class. Eventually she was able to perform better than most of her classmates. Upon finishing her primary education at Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Bukit Bandaraya, she went to a secondary school(Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bukit Bandaraya)  however, he form one class was located on the second floor . She being in a wheel-chair could not get to the classroom. The parents then approached the Parent Teachers Association to get the form One class be placed on the ground floor.

To accommodate her all the form one to form V classes she attended were located on the ground floor, thanks to the untiring effort of her parents and the accommodating Parent Teachers Association n and the school authorities. Even then she faced problems with the ramps and toilets; she overcame all these challenges and eventually passed her Malaysian Certificate of Education with reasonably good results.

Rajvin says she was honourned and blessed to be given a chance to enter Help University.

She faced challenges in university and thanks to her understanding lecturers, she was given more time to complete her assignments. Her classmate (especially Ross Stephenson) and the lecturers were wonderful and helped her around the University. She eventually graduated with a Second Class Upper (Hons) degree, Bachelor of Communication in 2014, at the convocation ceremony at Shangrila Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. It was a red letter for her. She had fulfilled her dream of becoming a graduate. Her entire family, relatives and true friends were proud of her.

Getting a job was not easy and she opted to become a motivational speaker. Her first attempt as a motivational speaker was soon after graduating.  Her maiden assignment was at Bakti Mind Centre in Kuala Lumpur. According to Rajvin, social inclusion is the provision of certain rights to all. Inclusion is giving support to all individuals in society, regardless of their challenges.

Rajvin says “Like others without disabilities I also have a right to make new friends and share knowledge as well as exchange ideas with others.

Rajvin expressed her hope that persons with cerebral palsy and other persons with special needs ought to be given equal opportunities, regardless of their challenges, to achieve success. Rajvin advice to persons with disabilities is to “Never give upon your Dreams and have and Blessed day#”.

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