Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) continue efforts to make Petaling Jaya a green

and sustainable city through a program PJ CAR FREE DAY or Petaling Jaya Car

Free Day on 15 April 2017 from 6.30 am to 12.00 am.

Datuk-Bandar Petaling Jaya serta ahli-ahli Majlis MBPJ turut menyertai aktiviti berbasikal bersama peserta


The purpose of this program is one of conservation of energy and resources to

reduce the use of vehicles so as to control air pollution in the city. The program is

also in line with the Selangor State Government to reduce carbon consumption in a

holistic manner.

Turut diadakan pertandingan mewarna kategori Tadika 4-6 tahun Tahap 1, 7-9 tahun dan Tahap 2, 10-12 tahun


In addition, MBPJ also want to promote bike paths that have been provided around

the City Center, Petaling Jaya. Cycling is one of the PJ-ECOMOBILTY project which

was launched last year as part of the Local Agenda 21 initiatives Petaling Jaya to

achieve a low-carbon city that is LOW CARBON CITIES FRAMEWORK (LCCT) and


aksi peserta amazing smart ride yang sedang menyelesaikan tugasan yang diberikan


In the meantime, the program also provides an opportunity for civil society to

undertake community activities with the family around City Center, Petaling Jaya.

Among the activities held was AMAZING RIDE SMART & (Cycling “Treasure Hunt” Group), COLOR WALK, aerobics, coloring contests, performances buskers, sports,

performing arts and various other cities.


The Council hoped that through this program, people will support the efforts of the

Council in realizing the goal of a low carbon, green and free of obstacles. The goal of

the Council on the future of local communities prefer to use public transport, cycling,

horseback hybrid and other environmentally-friendly initiatives.