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LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort – a Wheelchair-user Friendly Destination

Posted: May 18, 2018 at 6:11 pm   /   by   /   comments (1)

By Dhivyan Silvaraj


LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort is truly a class on its own. From a classy 5-star hotel to the facilities they provide, they never failed to leave a smile on the guest who stays here but what people fail to realise is that there is a bigger picture to this happiness. LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort have gone the extra mile to ensure that this resort is accessible to almost everyone, specifically people using a wheelchair. When you take a walk to the lobby, you need to go up a few steps but they also provide a ramp which almost allows everyone to be able to get into the lobby. As you get through the lobby, the huge space of the area allows people with restricted mobility to move around despite the crowd that is playing with the Lego.


Besides that they also provide ample sitting space while waiting for your children to play. What makes it more interesting is that most parents regardless of their age, play along with their kids instead of just waiting because of the attraction and conducive environment. It really is the place where family bonds closer.


For the play area, there is a lot of variety to choose from as you can also bring your family to the foam bricks area which is safer for younger kids because they won’t be exposed to sharp or solid objects. LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort also provides toilets for wheelchair users and also the elderly in the lobby itself, making it easier for people to access while the elevator has a big space to allow wheelchair users to get in. Even though the restaurant has a huge space, allowing different cuisine to be stationed in different corners, it is still relatively easy for people to get around as the spaces between each table are sufficient for easy access for wheelchair users.


LEGOLAND Themepark could also be considered as very disabled friendly due to the open space that they have provided. All around, there are not many steps instead ramps are made accessible. Although the rides such as the VR Rollercoaster ride will not be accessible to wheelchair users, the fun that holds in the park such as the LEGOLAND Miniland could really still leave a smile on almost everyone who visits this place.


The restaurants around the park are also easily accessible as they are almost on every corner of the park and space, as usual, huge. Based on my stay, I am really amused and amazed at how LEGO is able to bond families stronger and bring joy to your circle of loved ones. To conclude, LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort is a wheelchair user-friendly resort but not for the blind unless the tactile paving is made accessible. We hope in the future, LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort would consider accessibility for the blind to allow them to join in the fun.

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  • August 30, 2018 at 5:40 am Robert Chase

    Thank you for writing this blog on traveling with disabilities on .This post is very helpful for disabilities and who are using wheelchair.
    Your image combination are excellent.