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INCLUSIVE MOTION – Making transportation accessible and inclusive.

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Technology has made people more connected but still we find people who often feel left out, who often feel that there is something which they are deprived off. The world has tremendous and great innovation ideas each and every day of the year catering to the needs of people but still we see that at times people who are challenged with mobility often feel left out. But still where there is light hope finds a way indeed. Let us introduce a  new innovative concept which has been circulating all around Malaysia, “Inclusive Motion”. So, if you are wondering what this is and need more information on this then continue reading and find out all that you need to know.

Inclusive Motion is a project which falls under the category of Social impact. It aims to provide accessible transportation services to all people who are currently facing challenges with mobility. This project includes not just  people who are facing physical and censorial disabilities, but also the elderly and need a mode of easy transportation from one place to another. This project was founded by Nadeera Vasu, a Malaysian-born writer, and youth activist who often shares her personal journey on disability.


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Nadeera Vasu shares her project with Challenges Media here.

Challenges Media (CM): What is Inclusive Motion?

Nadeera Vasu (NV). INCLUSIVE MOTION (IM) is a collaborative Social Impact Project aiming to provide greater options to accessible transportation services to all those challenged with mobility. This includes persons with physical disabilities, people with hearing & visual impairment as well as the elderly who face challenges with mobility on a daily basis.

CM: How did it come about?

NV: As a person with physical challenges myself, I was finding it a great challenge when it came to transportation. I live in Semenyih and so there is no access to MRT there and even the buses that come there aren’t well equipped for wheelchair users. Hence, I always have to depend on other people (mostly my parents) to bring me around. There are some available transportation services for the physically challenged. However, they are either too expensive, not efficient, not always reliable & you have to book most of these way in advance. Ride-hailing services are an option but sometimes even these services tend to turn their passengers down for various reasons, especially when they find out that that particular person is in a wheelchair. Also, the cost is very high for me if I were to travel from Semenyih to KL. I soon began to realize that I wasn’t the only one facing these challenges. Many of my peers with physical differences were also facing the same challenges as I was. I then thought about it long and hard, came up with a proposal . Later on, I met Sha’in, who is now my partner in this initiative & we brainstormed ways in which we can turn this idea into a reality. Since then, the idea has gone through numerous trial and errors & has finally formed into what it is now – INCLUSIVE MOTION.

CM: How will it be carried out?

NV: For now, we have two separate WhatsApp groups. One of which would be for all those requiring the service (i.e. those challenged with mobility) & another for all the Service Providers. I, Nadeera, as one of the co-founders of this initiative, will be moderating these two groups and will connect a passenger to any available Service Provider at that point in time. On this note, anyone with a Malaysian driving license is more than welcome to be a Service Provider for these individuals who would very much appreciate this service. Taking into account that this is not a profit based project, there will be no charges required to be a part of IM Service Providers. The Service Providers may however feel free to claim for toll & petrol expenses, should they wish to do so.

CM: What are your expectations?

NV: My vision for Inclusive Motion is to normalize transportation for people from all walks of life, regardless of their physical abilities. I wish to see every single individual get from one place to another with ease and comfort.

CM: How can public be involved?

NV: As mentioned earlier, anyone with a Malaysian driving license are more than welcome to be a part of the IM Service Providers WhatsApp group. For those who wish to use the service on the other hand, may join the other WhatsApp group i.e. Inclusive Motion which we have named after the project itself.


Nadeera shared an incident regarding an elderly couple she met. She said that the wife was unable to drive and had mobility issues as she had Parkinson’s disease . That lady was completely dependent on her husband for all means of transportation. The wife told Nadeera that there was a time when her husband was in severe pain, but she was unable to assist him to the hospital as she herself was dependent on him. This incident touched Nadeera in such a way that she decided to bring up a solution for easy mobility so that people can have the opportunity to easily move around.

Nadeera wishes that this service makes it possible for all people to travel with ease from one place to another despite of their physical challenges. This service will work wonders if it is implemented in a positive way. If you think you can help Nadeera achieve her  aim of helping peopleand bringing a positive change in the society then make sure to support them in all possible ways.

For more information on how you can support, contact Nadeera at 017-8441844

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