What can a ageing mother do for her child with severe disabilities, knowing that she is not able to care for him properly with her own failing health? Thiviya Tharshin, an intern with Challenges Foundation shares her experience in escorting Choo Kim Woon to his new home.

Choo Kim Woon, 54 was sent to Rumah Ehsan, a welfare home by the Social Welfare Department recently. He was brought in a Red Crescent ambulance.

Choo has learning and physical disabilities. He is completely bedridden. His mother, Choong Kiong Moi is 75 years old. Lately, the mother has been unable to care for her son due to her ageing health issues. Hence, when she shared her concern with the social workers of Cheshire Home, one of them had suggested that she move him to a welfare home. After much contemplation, they decided to send him to Rumah Ehsan in Kuala Kubu Baru which also provides medical care.

Since he is bedridden, a Red Crescent ambulance was arranged to fetch him at his residence and send him to Rumah Ehsan. He was accompanied by his mother, brother, social workers of Cheshire Home, two social welfare officers and us from Challenges Foundation.

The welfare home was neat and surrounded by nature. It also houses old folks who are bedridden. The nurses also diligently inquired from Choong about Choo’s eating habits, sleeping pattern and history of illness.

Before Choo was wheeled to his ward, his mother stroked his forehead affectionately. As she explained, it is not because she does not him, but because she feels he would get better care here. b The work of the social workers do not stop here. They would be bringing Choong to see her son weekly until he is settled into his new home.