Rajvin Kaur Randhawa, 32 . was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was one year old. Today the motivational speaker and blogger shares her message for World Cerebral Palsy Day 2017 with Challenges readers.


Cerebral Palsy slows me down but it never has and will never be a hindrance to stop me from achieving my life goals and I am proud to say I am never giving up in life and will continue to be a successful individual in society.

I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy – spastic quadripledgia at the age of one. Some of you maybe wondering what is cerebral palsy. Cerebral Palsy or CP is a neurological condition that affects movement,posture,motor skills and muscle tone.

I was born premature at 31 weeks. I stopped breathing on the second day after delivery. I was resuscitated and put on the ventilator with various tubes. The lack of oxygen to the brain caused the cerebral palsy –  luckily only the motor center in the brain was affected and not the mental centers.

I was a miracle child then and still am till now

Life with cerebral palsy has been a challenging journey and rewarding one thus far for the past thirty two years. Although it is a blessing but I must confess that it has not been a bed full of roses with challenges specifically learning physical and emotional ones.

But thanks to my wonderful parents, siblings, family and true friends for making it meaningful for me.

I was very fortunate and blessed to have the privilege to receive an inclusive education and was accepted into a kindergarten and normal schools (both primary and secondary). Not many in a similar condition with physical limitation will have this chance.

I was also blessed to be given the chance to obtain a University Degree despite being physically challenged with Cerebral Palsy by Help University. I was among the 1216 candidates to graduate at the HELP UNIVERSITY’S 26th Convocation with a Bachelor of Communicationsm, Second Class Honors degree majoring in Public Relations. I

must confess that was one ot he biggest moments in my life currently I am a Motivational Speaker and Blogger as well as a writer both locally and International.


In conjunction with World CP Day today, my advise to all CP fighters and their parents and others with disabilities is to keep smiling always and to tackle every situation creatively with a smile and never give up .

Say YES to CP awareness and never exclude anyone with special needs in Society……


Rajvin Kaur Rndhawa …..C.P. fighter Motivational Speaker and Writer Kuala Lumpur Malaysia