Creating a culture of kindness against bullying

  By Lee Xin Ying     Kindness. How do we understand what kindness is? A simple gratitude. A small hand shake. A moment of shared laughter. However, I would  say the best form of kindness is understanding. Being understanding to others, the people around you, is the best form of kindness one could give to another. Personally, I have experienced a lot of kindness from other people. I think with every enlightened mind, the world starts moving towards a better place. I would like to share the story of kindness. The first week of April is scheduled as National … Continued

World Health Day: Why you should think about it?

       For the past seven decades, World Health Day is celebrated to remind people on the importance in taking care of one’s well-being. Since 1948, World Health Organization (WHO) and other related organisations collaborated in spreading awareness on health to the communities across the world. This does not only apply on the physical aspects but also to the mental condition as well. This is fitting with last year major theme of World Health Day which is titled as Depression: Let’s talk.    Every year, World Health Organization will change their theme based on health related issues that needs global attention and it is vital … Continued


In January 2018 ,  16 tertiary students arrived from different countries such as China, Vietnam, Germany, India, Indonesia under the Challenges AIESEC C4C programme in Malaysia.  They signed up as volunteers for the Cycle for Change (C4C) project with  Challenges Foundation, Malaysia.   The  project aims to promote independence and proactive integration of people with disabilities (PWDs) within their communities by building a tandem bicycle library to support inclusive cycling activities. After four weeks of volunteer work, these are their feedbacks: Taylor, China “Why I choose the project is because I like riding bicycle. I think I could be a good … Continued


Kalafena Peng Yu Wen was in Malaysia for six weeks as a AIESEC international volunteer with Challenges Foundation Inclusive Fitness and Sports Programme.  She shares her experiences assisting at an inclusive football tournament and helping out with Challenges Tandem Cycle 4 Change Project.   Today, I joined Challenges Foundation with my partners who are also AIESECers. Matt, Erin and I got up early and got ready for what we should do in NPNG sports center. Then we hired a taxi  there. When we got there, we found other AIESECers of other branches were not there yet. So, we had a little … Continued

Inclusivity with Heart

    What does it mean to be inclusive? Neesha Marie Lopez shares her experience in promoting social inclusion for special education needs children It was a clear, bright morning on the 12th of February. We. the volunteers waited at the playground for school to begin. When the bell rang, we met with an enthusiastic group of children, chaperoned by  Rosida Zakaria and Nurulhuda, the teachers in charge of the special needs children’s class. After performing the roll call dance, all of the volunteers and the children moved off to do batik painting at the reading corner. Each child was paired … Continued

A Volunteer’s Experience in Social Inclusion

College Beat. It was the first time Matthew Wu Haoyu volunteered at a football tournament for children with and without disabilities. A volunteer of the AIESEC International participants programme from China, Matthew shared his experience here.   July 26, 2017 was a nice day. At 8 a.m., the NPNG Sports Centre in Damansara  Damai was preparing football matches. That was when we, the Aiesecers, arrived in batches. My batch arrived first, but because we were not familiar with the coaches, we did not help start the events right away. After that, the more experienced batch came and helped set up … Continued

Premier Skills Inclusive Football Training 2017

Adults play a pivotal role in protecting children. It doesn’t matter if it is our biological child or not. Teachers are responsible of their students, day care centres are responsible of their children and the list goes on. In short, we as a society are responsible for the children in our community.   If we see a child in trouble, we rush to help the child as quickly as we can. Yes? No? Ideally Yes, however in reality we do not do so effectively enough resulting in 3800 over cases of child abuse reported just last year. In fact, one of … Continued

Children learning about road signs from a volunteer

Allianz Malaysia organised road safety advocacy campaign for primary students.

Allianz Malaysia held a road safety advocacy campaign at Sekolah Sri Bestari, Selangor today. The campaign is part of the Company’s efforts to introduce road safety awareness among the general public, including students.   CEO of Allianz Malaysia Berhad, Zakri Khir said, “Schools are among our focus areas this year, in addition to regular campaigns. In collaboration with Jabatan Keselamatan Jalan Raya (JKJR), we were holding regular campaigns since July 2011. More than 440 Allianz employees are involved in holding 140 campaigns nation wide until now. These employees are trained by JKJR as Road Safety Ambassadors.” The Campaign The campaign started … Continued

Lesson to Learn – Volunteering

Christian Choong, 15 , was roped into a volunteering programme during his  recent school break and spent his summer holidays helping out at a centre for special needs children. He shares his experience with Challenges readers. Summer holiday started in June and I was about to enjoy three  months of doing what all 15 year old kids would want to do – nothing!  Until, to my horror, my mom said she had signed me up to volunteer work.  Volunteering? No ……!   Center for Special Kids So I started work at a centre in Petaling Jyaya for kids with special … Continued

My experience working at KDU College

Education – College Beat Selina Ooi works as a Multimedia Engineer in the Information System (IS) Department, KDU College. She shares her story with Challenges readers here.two years ago. It is always challenging for a deaf or hearing impaired person to communicate with other people. But it made my day when my employer and colleagues showed interest in learning sign language so that they could communicate with me. When I joined office, my immediate boss prepared a sign language class for my colleagues so that I could share my experiences and teach them sign language. After a few months, they … Continued