Creating a culture of kindness against bullying

  By Lee Xin Ying     Kindness. How do we understand what kindness is? A simple gratitude. A small hand shake. A moment of shared laughter. However, I would  say the best form of kindness is understanding. Being understanding to others, the people around you, is the best form of kindness one could give to another. Personally, I have experienced a lot of kindness from other people. I think with every enlightened mind, the world starts moving towards a better place. I would like to share the story of kindness. The first week of April is scheduled as National … Continued

First Aid for Mental Health

          Everyone can help their loved ones if they notice they might have mental health issues with the Mental Health First Aid programme called  AEGE. This programme was headed by Betty Kitchner and Anthony Jorn. While this programme is not available in Malaysia yet, the Malaysian Mental Health Association (MMHA) runs a two day intensive course on understanding mental illness which provides knowledge to equip first aiders of mental health to carry out their roles. However, it is important to note that the first aid programme is not to help one diagnose or treat mental illness, rather it is … Continued


Mental Health Landscape In Malaysia, mental health issues are a rising problem. Ten years ago, ten percent of the population has mental illness. Today, that number has increased to thirty percent. However until now, there are not many personal stories about mental illness in mainstream media, hence mental issues are still relatively unknown despite its rising numbers. Additionally, mental health for children is rather neglected. Current statistics put the number of children with mental health issues at 12 percent with the actual number be much more than represented. Furthermore, the ratio of mental healthcare professionals to the population is very … Continued


What can a ageing mother do for her child with severe disabilities, knowing that she is not able to care for him properly with her own failing health? Thiviya Tharshin, an intern with Challenges Foundation shares her experience in escorting Choo Kim Woon to his new home. Choo Kim Woon, 54 was sent to Rumah Ehsan, a welfare home by the Social Welfare Department recently. He was brought in a Red Crescent ambulance. Choo has learning and physical disabilities. He is completely bedridden. His mother, Choong Kiong Moi is 75 years old. Lately, the mother has been unable to care … Continued

Is MRT accessible for Person with Disabilities?

Recently, the Ministry of Transport (MOT) Malaysia together with Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) conducted an assessment on accessibility of the MRT for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). Representatives from various disability organizations were present to conduct the access audit “so that any inadequacy in facilities can be voiced out and thus upgraded”. Thiviya Tharshin has the story.   My first impression was the MRT station was very spacious. There were the usual but crucial tactile paving, special toilet for the PWD, special parking spots and elevators. The tickets counters were low so that it is easily accessible for the wheelchair users. … Continued


WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS DAY 2018   The World Autism Awareness Day which falls on April 2nd every year is an internationally recognized day to take measures to raise acceptance about people with autism throughout the world. The World Autism Awareness day also aims to put a spotlight on the hurdles that people with autism and others living with autism face every day.   Although today marks the 11th World Autism Awareness Day, which was initially introduced back in the year 2007, the world community is still having a low level of knowledge on autism. Did you know that autism affects … Continued

The Launch of #ThisAbility Truck 2018

  Did you know that six out of ten people have little knowledge about children with disability? This means there many people don’t know what to do when they are facing children with disability.  Realising this, UNICEF in collaboration with Unicom came out with an idea of #ThisAbility Truck. The idea of this awareness to preserve the rights of children with disabilities, to carry out survey and to provide knowledge about disability and that children with disabilities, their parents, and family face real stigma and discrimination at home, in schools, and other environments in Malaysia. It  is also, to promote the #thisability programme that UNICEF is currently having … Continued

Set Timeline for Gender Equality Act

Kuala Lumpur, 8 March 2018 –  Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) urges the government to set a timeline for the Gender Equality Act, which would protect women from gender discrimination. “The government must set a timeline for tabling the Gender Equality Act in Parliament. We want a firm commitment, and not just mere words,” says Meera Samanther, Vice-President of WAO.   In November 2016, Y.B. Dato’ Sri Hajjah Rohani Abdul Karim, Minister of Women, Family and Community Development announced in Parliament that her ministry is working on a Gender Equality Act.   “WAO and the Joint Action Group for Gender Equality … Continued

Celebrating World Rare Disease Day 2018

Today the world celebrates World Rare Disease Day 2018 World Rare Disease Day is held on the last day of February every year to raise awareness of rare diseases. A rare disease, also referred to as an orphan disease, is any disorder that affects a small percentage of the population. Although the disease may be rare, patients and families share a common struggle.   The theme for World Rare Disease Day 2018 is Research.   Research is key in discovering more ways to manage rare diseases.  It brings hope to the millions of people living with a rare disease across … Continued

Picture announcing the 6th Global Summit on Urban Tourism


  The upcoming 6th Global Summit on Urban Tourism (GSUT) 2017 in Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur will feature an impressive line-up of local and international speakers, representing the who’s who of the tourism industry. Themed “Sustainable and Competitive Tourism on the New Urban Agenda” this year, the summit aims at promoting a globally shared vision and a strategic approach to readdress the tools to adapt to the new paradigms in urban tourism while achieving coherence among the tourism activities, urban development policies and the economic and social benefits for the local inhabitants through integrated planning, efficient governance, knowledge management and professionalism in … Continued