Paris 2024 Paralympic Games to feature 22 sports. CP Football is not in. The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has confirmed that the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games sports programme will remain the same as the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics with 22 sports included. The IPC Governing Board’s decision was taken at a meeting in London recently. The 22 sports that will be included are: athletics, archery, badminton, blind football, boccia, canoe, cycling, equestrian, goalball, judo, powerlifting, rowing, shooting, sitting volleyball, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, triathlon, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair fencing, wheelchair rugby and wheelchair tennis. CP Football which made the final stage for … Continued

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  The process to decide the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games sport programme started in November 2017. Originally eight new sports and three sport disciplines applied for inclusion in the Games. In January 2018, six of these applicants – CP Football, golf, karate, Para dance sport, powerchair football and sailing – progressed to Phase Two of the exercise. Between February 2018 and July 2018, the six new and 22 existing Paralympic sports completed and submitted a comprehensive application pack as part of Phase Two. This allowed the IPC to measure the strength and potential of each sport. The pack featured a … Continued


    by Gary Loh   I had been trying to have children but could not but this time it was for real but yet  in my mind, I was thinking whether  I was ready to be a father with all the responsibility to shoulder  for my family and child.  It was quite a challenge for me at the beginning and slowly I got used to being  a  father for real. When my wife went through a pregnancy test  through the ultra sound, the doctor found out the baby was not in the right position for natural labour but had … Continued

Gold Coast 2018 to deliver an inclusive Games

GC2018 is going for gold in its quest to deliver an inclusive Games and will proudly host the largest integrated Para-Sport program in Commonwealth Games history.   GC2018 will set a new Commonwealth Games record by hosting up to 300 para-athletes and 38 medal events across seven sports – an increase of 45 per cent more athletes and 73 per cent more medals compared to the para-sport competition staged at the last Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014. Further highlighting GC2018’s commitment to equality and inclusion, there will also be an equal number of men’s and women’s events across all … Continued


VAL RESH     RESHMA VALLIAPPAN a.k.a. Val Resh, walks in with a calm demeanour as we met for the first time at the Starbucks @ Paradigm Mall.  From the photograph forwarded to me prior to our scheduled appointment, she looked much younger and carefree. As we settled down at another venue, Resh shared with no pretense and direct openness.  What I have pictured in my mind is far from what I meet.  As the saying goes, “judge not the book by the cover.”  You see, Reshma was disgnosed with schizophrenia when she was 22.  In April 1995, she started … Continued

In memory of Stephen Hawking (8 January 1942 – 14 March 2018)

  If you’re ever on the internet searching for theories on the fields of cosmology, general relativity and quantum gravity, especially in the context of black holes, you’ve probably already heard: Stephen Hawking. He was almost certainly the world’s most recognizable brilliant scientist, and one of the most famous of all time. Hawking is famously known for his genius mind on equations and abstract but what makes him a stand out among other great mind is that he is also able to explain these concepts to everyone in clear, engaging prose even though they do not have a background in science. Hawking was diagnosed with the motor neurone disease ALS in 1963 when he was 21. Given … Continued

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I am an Enabler not a Disabler

Rajvin Kaur Randhawa, 32 . was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was one year old. Today the motivational speaker and blogger shares her message for World Cerebral Palsy Day 2017 with Challenges readers.   Cerebral Palsy slows me down but it never has and will never be a hindrance to stop me from achieving my life goals and I am proud to say I am never giving up in life and will continue to be a successful individual in society. I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy – spastic quadripledgia at the age of one. Some of you maybe wondering … Continued

The Joy of a Sandwich Carer

“Keep Calm and Be a Carer” Almost a quarter of century ago, I returned to Malaysia after 11 years of studying and working in the US. Returning into traditional Malay culture, a close knit family provided me the support system for my young children and aging parents. Therefore, against this backdrop my story as a sandwich carer unfolds and highlights the turning points of my special child and my elderly mother.   When my children were growing up, my mother and in-laws would often come to the house and spend time taking care of them. However, my mother noticed that … Continued

PJ Car Free Day 2017

Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) continue efforts to make Petaling Jaya a green and sustainable city through a program PJ CAR FREE DAY or Petaling Jaya Car Free Day on 15 April 2017 from 6.30 am to 12.00 am.   The purpose of this program is one of conservation of energy and resources to reduce the use of vehicles so as to control air pollution in the city. The program is also in line with the Selangor State Government to reduce carbon consumption in a holistic manner.   In addition, MBPJ also want to promote bike paths that have been … Continued

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Nobody Smiles Like I Do – Breastfeeding

This is a personal account by Dee Cole from Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada about her breastfeeding experience with her down syndrome baby and the importance of having peer support from other mothers. I had a beautiful pregnancy and did not work for the last five months of my pregnancy. I had never felt so healthy in my life and even registered for prenatal and exercise classes and read many books on pregnancy and childbirth. The only thing I didn’t do was attend La Leche League meetings—I did not know they existed. If I had known I would have attended all I … Continued