wheelmapping at LRT Bangsar

Wheelmapping in Kuala Lumpur

Hubertus Brockhaus hails from Germany and is an international volunteer for the C4C project under Challenges Foundation. He shares his experience travelling on Malaysia’s public transport system in a wheelchair.   Meeting was at 10 am at the LRT station Taman Jaya. Everybody was waiting for us, because we were late. Again… After a short briefing Misa, Phalla and myself sat down in the three free wheelchairs. I noticed it quickly that my freedom of movement was severely restricted. Just a short walk upstairs to buy something to drink was not possible anymore. Now I have to wait for using … Continued

Opportunities for disability sport partnership

  by Selina Khoo   It was an honour and privilege to be invited to speak at the BP CEO Dialogue Session 2018 on “Paralympic Movement & It’s Impact on Business” in Singapore. I was humbled to share the stage with Mr. Andrew Parsons, President of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and Mr. Terry Yuen, Country President of BP Singapore. When Mr. Kevin Wong, President of the Singapore National Paralympic Committee, approached me to share my research at the Dialogue, there was no way I could say no. The aim of the Dialogue was to provide opportunities for Singapore-based companies … Continued

LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort – a Wheelchair-user Friendly Destination

By Dhivyan Silvaraj   LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort is truly a class on its own. From a classy 5-star hotel to the facilities they provide, they never failed to leave a smile on the guest who stays here but what people fail to realise is that there is a bigger picture to this happiness. LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort have gone the extra mile to ensure that this resort is accessible to almost everyone, specifically people using a wheelchair. When you take a walk to the lobby, you need to go up a few steps but they also provide a ramp which almost … Continued

Paediatric Play Space

Children & Hospital’s Play Area: Between Two Countries   By Nur Aimi Aqilah binti Abd Manan and Nur Sabrina binti Md Amin, Department of English, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Malaya Are hospitals all over the world making playrooms and playgrounds with children’s needs in their minds? Well, almost all hospitals have playrooms or playgrounds for the children visiting or staying in the hospital to enjoy themselves in the otherwise bleak hospital. However, normal functioning children might enjoy themselves playing around in the designated area but for children with special needs, does the play area cater to … Continued


  Voting is a right for everyone in a general election but thousands of Malaysian with disabilities and also the elderly with mobility restrictions face many obstacles when they go out to vote. To help minimise this issue, Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled, together with Persatuan Mobiliti and Faithworks (Wheels on Wheels) are organising a Lets Vote Campaign which will provide accessible transport for the elderly and persons with disabilities to cast their votes.   During the press conference that was held on 11th of April 2018 at SS2/44 Beautiful Gate Foundation, Pastor Sia Siew Chin, Executive Director of … Continued

Is MRT accessible for Person with Disabilities?

Recently, the Ministry of Transport (MOT) Malaysia together with Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) conducted an assessment on accessibility of the MRT for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). Representatives from various disability organizations were present to conduct the access audit “so that any inadequacy in facilities can be voiced out and thus upgraded”. Thiviya Tharshin has the story.   My first impression was the MRT station was very spacious. There were the usual but crucial tactile paving, special toilet for the PWD, special parking spots and elevators. The tickets counters were low so that it is easily accessible for the wheelchair users. … Continued

Picture announcing the 6th Global Summit on Urban Tourism


  The upcoming 6th Global Summit on Urban Tourism (GSUT) 2017 in Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur will feature an impressive line-up of local and international speakers, representing the who’s who of the tourism industry. Themed “Sustainable and Competitive Tourism on the New Urban Agenda” this year, the summit aims at promoting a globally shared vision and a strategic approach to readdress the tools to adapt to the new paradigms in urban tourism while achieving coherence among the tourism activities, urban development policies and the economic and social benefits for the local inhabitants through integrated planning, efficient governance, knowledge management and professionalism in … Continued

Photo of wheelchair users exercising

4 Things Persons with Disabilities Can Do to Stay Active

Whether you’ve been living with a disability for several years or just a little while, if you struggle to stay active or participate in sports; disability advocate Jenny Wise shares some ways you can be active and fit. .   Sometimes, the struggle is because you don’t know where to find inclusive activities, and sometimes the struggle is with yourself because you are afraid you can’t play a sport or participate in an activity with your disability. Don’t allow your insecurities, doubts, or fear hold you back. You can stay as active as you want to be, with your disability. … Continued

Accessibility is key in any Para sports competition and Games, and MASOC has given its assurance that that all competition venues and athletes’ accommodation are accessible and disabled friendly.

Accessibility gets top priority at ASEAN Para Games KL2017

  IN line with its inclusive initiative, the Malaysia Organising Committee (MASOC) Kuala Lumpur 2017 has upgraded all competition venues for the 9th ASEAN Para Games from Sept 17-23 to ensure it is accessible for all especially athletes and spectators with disabilities. MASOC chairman YB Brig Gen Khairy Jamaluddin said facilities such as toilets, cafeteria and pathways were upgraded to ensure smooth movement especially amongst wheelchair athletes and officials. “About 4,000 volunteers will be around to assist athletes, guests and spectators during the Games,” he said. He assured that transportation matters will be given preference during the Games to avoid … Continued

Media Guidelines for Reporting on Accessible Election

A workshop on Advocacy Guidelines for Political Participation of Disabled People’s Organisations (DPO) in Malaysia, an initiative organised by the National Council For The Blind, Malaysia (NCBM) was held on recently at Grand Seasons Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Since the 14th General Election for Malaysia will be held by 2018, Malaysians with disabilities have the right to participate in the election process as citizens of this country. However, persons with disabilities find it difficult to realise their political rights due to systemic barriers within the election process. Thus, NCBM has conducted this project on political participation among persons with disabilities in … Continued