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Why should you be tech savvy?

The digital medium dominates conversation these days. Most of the talk is positive, some of it is destructive. The one subject you hear expressed the most, is how technology advances, fast. Some people stood on the wayside in our society’s path towards a digital economy. It’s not a great view from where these people stood; it seemed all the fun belonged to a younger generation. Is technology accessible to you only if you grew up with it? Uncharted territory is overwhelming for sure, but lets start with a simple quote. “One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose … Continued

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Homeschooling a child with autism

Every individual is unique and a ‘good education’ is a broad definition at best. What if you’re raising a child with autism? If you think results of mainstream education is not favourable, homeschooling might be a solution.

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3D printed hand prosthetics

  3D printing in a nutshell – a printing process used to make objects out of ABS or PLA thermosplastic. Thermoplastic is a material which hardens into a solid state after printing. An example of objects which can be 3D printed include coffee cups, clothes and even functioning SLR cameras! The sky’s the limit, in a literal sense; NASA plans to build the first colony on Mars with 3D printing technology by the year 2030. While 3D printed human colonies are still decades away, practical ways to augment human life are already here. Imagine the following scenario 3 years from … Continued

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Mount Kinabalu Challenge (part 1)

Mount Kinabalu Challenge Ten special teens took on Mount Kinabalu in 2006, in rain, lightning and thunder. Four made it to the top. Mary Chen writes. 110 intellectually challenged athletes from Brunei, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia is set to scale Mount Kinabalu (4,101 m) on April 18 for the event known as the “4th Special Olympics Mount Kinabalu Challenge”. This climb is organised by Special Olympucs Sabah to break the current record held by 61 special athletes who successfully reached the summit in 2005. This news reminded me of my own trip in 2006, when a group of … Continued