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15th Asian Society for Adapted Physical Education and Exercise Symposium

By Selina Khoo     The Centre for Sport and Exercise Sciences, University of Malaya will be hosting the 15th Asian Society for Adapted Physical Education and Exercise Symposium from 11-13 July 2018. It is an opportunity to bring together disability sport experts from the region. As this will be the first time that such a conference will be held in Malaysia, it would serve as an impetus to further develop the area in the country. By bringing together community sports and elite sports organisations, the symposium would serve as a platform to promote disability sport. This biennial symposium has … Continued


    by Gary Loh   I had been trying to have children but could not but this time it was for real but yet  in my mind, I was thinking whether  I was ready to be a father with all the responsibility to shoulder  for my family and child.  It was quite a challenge for me at the beginning and slowly I got used to being  a  father for real. When my wife went through a pregnancy test  through the ultra sound, the doctor found out the baby was not in the right position for natural labour but had … Continued


By Dhivyan Silvaraj   Recently on 18th May, 2018,  the Malaysian National Heart Institute or Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) Kuala Lumpur surpassed yet another milestone by being the first hospital in Asia to perform  a minimally invasive procedure used to treat peripheral artery disease.   Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a common circulatory problem in which narrowed arteries reduce blood flow to your limbs usually caused by plaque build-up (atherosclerosis). It narrows the arteries that lead to the head, organs and limbs, most commonly the legs, thus do not receive enough blood flow to keep up with the demand. PAD … Continued

Our Experience in conducting Challenges’ Buddy Programme

    By Celine Woon Sue Lin and Nur Alyaa binti Talat Mahmood, Department of English, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Malaya   The time span of three weeks in conducting the volunteering programme in SK Taman Medan was indeed life changing to all of us from the football team. Despite the occasional conflicts in our team and the time constraints, we were able to overcome those challenges and ensure that our football activities with the children were successful. We were indeed honoured and grateful to be given a chance to be teach and play with these … Continued

Opportunities for disability sport partnership

  by Selina Khoo   It was an honour and privilege to be invited to speak at the BP CEO Dialogue Session 2018 on “Paralympic Movement & It’s Impact on Business” in Singapore. I was humbled to share the stage with Mr. Andrew Parsons, President of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and Mr. Terry Yuen, Country President of BP Singapore. When Mr. Kevin Wong, President of the Singapore National Paralympic Committee, approached me to share my research at the Dialogue, there was no way I could say no. The aim of the Dialogue was to provide opportunities for Singapore-based companies … Continued

The Importance of Sports in Disability

By Michele Ho Yeen Ping and Safwah binti Abdul Razak, Department of English, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Malaya   Sports is an activity that comes in different forms which brings a lot of benefits to our body, both mentally and physically. For example, football, basketball, swimming, and badminton are sports played by individuals from different ages. Some of the benefits that we can obtain by participating in sports are improvement in academic and social skills, physical health benefits, boost self-esteem and reduce stress.   First and foremost, many parents think that joining sports will distract their … Continued

What Is Disability Stigma?

  The word stigma comes from the Greek word for “mark.” Generally, stigma is a negative set of beliefs about people with specific characteristics. For example, ethnic or sexual minorities, or people with unusual facial appearance may encounter stigma. People with disabilities have been stigmatized throughout history. In many cultures, disability has been associated with curses, disease, dependence, and helplessness. Disability stigma can play out in a number of ways, including: Social Avoidance – People with disabilities may be left out of social activities, or they may find that friends become more distant after they develop a disability. People may … Continued


  Challenges Media caught up with Dr Wan Himratul Azliza* whose husband is a heart surgeon. Dr Wan is an accessibility advocate, internal medicine consultant and lifestyle physician. She has 3 girls, namely, Serena Zara 9, and a set of twins with autism spectrum; Sofieya Zara 6 and Sharleez Zara 6. Due to the situation in the family with both siblings who needed special help, Serena has matured beyond her age and taken responsibility being the elder sibling and has started her own business  to help her mum who is concern of their future.  Serena Zara Taufiq who founded “Serena’s … Continued

Employability Among People with Disabilities

  By Nik Nur Athirah binti Nik and Azra Khalisa binti Azhar, Department of English, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Malaya   Malaysia is one of the countries with a very low percentage of disabled workers. The rate of employment of People With Disabilities (PWDs) in companies here is less than one percent. Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, Datuk Azizah Mohd Dun said the number of PWDs employed by the public sector is very small at 0.23%. Likewise, private sectors have the same proximity of percentage of PWDs as employees. Currently, the government is … Continued

LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort – a Wheelchair-user Friendly Destination

By Dhivyan Silvaraj   LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort is truly a class on its own. From a classy 5-star hotel to the facilities they provide, they never failed to leave a smile on the guest who stays here but what people fail to realise is that there is a bigger picture to this happiness. LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort have gone the extra mile to ensure that this resort is accessible to almost everyone, specifically people using a wheelchair. When you take a walk to the lobby, you need to go up a few steps but they also provide a ramp which almost … Continued