It’s as easy as ABC campaign.

According to the 2006 Global Pneumococcal Disease Awareness Survey in Malaysia, public awareness of the disease is generally low – only 31 percent of Malaysian parents are aware of pneumococcal disease, and only 38 percent are familiar with the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine.

Aim for Broader Coverage, it’s as easy as ABC campaign by Pfizer, is set to benefit and enrich the lives of many children. It was launched recently by consultant paediatrician, Dato’ Dr. Musa Nordin and Malaysian singer, Dato’ Sheila Majid with the new partnership of the Asian Strategic Alliance for Pneumococcal Disease Prevention (ASAP), Parenting2U, Pitter Patter and SJ Echo ito promote future education and encourage the general public to sign up for the call of action on the prevention of the pneumococcal disease.

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“Each pledge to call to action means another parent educated; another parent informed that the disease is preventable through early vaccination,” commented Dr Musa.

“As a mother, I understand the need to take action to protect my children and avoid any unnecessary stress that might come from the disease, “said Dato’ Sheila Majid.

“Pneumococcal disease prevention is a belief I hold dearly to. An education campaign like this serves as a beneficial platform for parents to understand the importance and also exchange information with each other,” she added.

Aim for Broader Coverage, it’s as easy as ABC campaign endeavours to encourage parents to support the call for action on penumococcal disease prevention and upholds the recommendation form the World Health Organisation (WHO) for the inclusion of peumoccocal vaccines in the national immunisation programme.

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“It is our hope that these partnerships will amplify the campaign by creating advocates amongst parents and allowing us to reach out to the community. We want to send the message of protection to ensure that all children in Malaysia are protected against the disease, “said Angel Choi, Country Manager for Pfizer Malaysia and Brunei.

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What is Pneumococcal Diseases?

Pneumococcal Disease (PDs) is caused by the bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae or normally known as pneumococcus which is commonly found in respiratory tract of young children and is easily spread by just coughing and sneezing.

Pneumococcus attack different parts of the body that causes Meningitis (Infection of lining of the brain and spinal cord), Bacteremia (Infection in the bloodstream), Pneumonia (Infection of the lung) and Otitis Media (Infection of the middle ear) and may lead to serious brain damage, loss of hearing or even death.

Children below five years of age, children attending day care or nursery, children (and the elderly above 65 years old), who have weak immune systems and also those who are suffering from chronic medical conditions are all at high risk and should be protected from this disease.


Symptoms of  PDs





Chest Pain And Shortness Of Breath

Swelling Of Eardrum Which Leads To Earaches.


How is Pneumococcal Disease managed?

It can be treated with antibiotics but in recent years, pneumococcal bacteria have been found to be resistant to the commonly used antibiotics and thus, make treatment even more difficult.

Therefore, the best way to prevent against Pneumococcal Disease is definitely through vaccination.

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