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Wanted: Interns for Challenges Foundation

Challenges Foundation is looking for interns who are interested to work on disability advocacy and developing inclusive communities.
Our internship programme is open to local and overseas students in colleges & universities. Whether you wish to intern as part of your training hours or to fill up those daunting credit hours, we will get you engage in a variety of work as much as possible.
At Challenges Foundation, we make sure you are not only stuck in one part of our work areas but will experience a range of tasks. We will ensure that you have something to do no matter what. It could be helping with advocacy work on the ground, research or project documentation, assist in conducting activities and talks to schools and communities, develop promotion or fundraising projects, creating presentations, videos or articles for disability advocacy .

Interested to intern?

Contact us on 03-78875747 or email :

Applicants should state the duration of the internship (minimum three months) with your C.V. attached and your area of interest.