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Challenges Foundation is a non-profit, non-government Organisation focused on promoting disability advocacy and developing inclusive communities.
We seek to enable sustainability of the disability advocacy work started under the Challenges Magazine  Project to enable more stakeholders from children and youth with disabilities to  families and care providers to participate and benefit from the advocacy work and programmes carried out.
We believe in building a more caring future generation by supporting youth-focused projects that sensitise  youth to disability issues and create a future generation with empathy.

We support and work with various NGOs and youth based groups to bring together teens with and without disabilities in educational, social, sports and recreational activities.

Our Vision

Educate. Advocate. Empower. To Promote Disability Advocacy and Develop Inclusive Communities


Our Board of Trustees

Ms Mary Chen

Mr Anthony Wong

Mr Ted Wong

Mr Raja Singham

Datuk Meme Zainal Rashid

Datin Wong Poai Hong

Dr Loh Wei Leng



Our Projects

   A. Buddy Club Project :                    

        for Social Inclusion in Education

  B.  Buddy Coach Network:    

        Inclusive Coach Development to  promote inclusive Fitness and Sports

 C. Buddy College Programme: 

      engaging college volunteers to create our Inclusive Future

 D. Tandem Cycle 4 Change Project :

      to make cycling accessible to all especially children with disabilities

 E. Challenges Magazine Project:

      to create self advocates to speak up for themselves and speak out for others

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